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First International Congress for Schoenstatt Communicators, Buenos Aires, 9-11 November 2012

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Schoenstatt Communicators

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Schoenstatt Communicators

Documentary about the founding and development of Schoenstatt,
a movement, today present all around the globe, called to help renew
the world with a new person, free and strong committed with
a spiritual and social values.

Schoenstatt Communicators



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Jubilee song of the the Children in Spanish with English subtitles

  Schoenstatt Youth
World cup Brazil in 30 seconds
What would be without you...
  Schoenstatt 2014 Videos 
  Happy youth in Schoenstatt - Crazy pyramid in 20 sec.
    Schönstatt program
A Shrine with a fisher net on the wall and hundred of pictures. Is the picture of your Home Shrine on the net?   The essence of the four days in Schoenstatt in 3 min.!
Schoenstatt Families   Schoenstatt Jubilee
The first day of the new century for Schoenstatt: What will happen on 19 October 2014?   Sharing deep experiences in 40 seconds!  100 days away from the Covenant of Love Jubilee!
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 P Heinrich Walter   Schoenstatt Youth
Fr. Walter expresses one great desire in only 29 seconds.   How many seconds do you need to make noise?
These girls need only 10.
P Stefan Strecker   Clemens Mann
What is my hope ... in 45 seconds.   Why is Clemens Mann already in Schoenstatt?
Joerg Schuh   P. Gerardo Carcar
Fr. Jörg Schuh, diocesan priest, tells us original stories of Fr. Kentenich from the historic House Marienau.   Fr. Gerardo Carcar shows us the arena around the Original Shrine where the main celebrations will take place.     Schoenstatt 2014 Videos

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   Tent Youth


Schoenstatt 2014 Videos

  Don Stefano Müller
A Unity Cross blessed by Pope Francis that you may take home!   Schoenstatt 2014 in Rome... 23 to 26 October... in 34 seconds. 
See you in Rome!

schoenstatt 2014

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Did you know?   The Jubilee celebration will be broadcasted live
by Domradio, EWTN, and Canção Nova. Source: Toward 2014


Schoenstatt Communicators

Schoenstatt Communicators


Night of the Shrine

Source: Toward 2014

Schoenstatt Communicators

Learning from each other how to communicate Schoenstatt...

schoenstatt san antoio

Schoenstatt in San Antonio, Texas:

Schoenstatt Communicators

47th. World Communications Day - 12 May 2013

Dear communicators, Sunday 12 May 2013 is the 47th World Communications Day.
The theme is: “Social Networks: Portals of Truth and Faith. New Spaces for Evangelization”
We want to share with you below some material about this essential day for the evangelization of the world. 

See this great material related with communications in the Church.

47 world communications day

Message of the Pope:

47 World Communications Day    47 world communications day

Schoenstatt Communicators

CELAM at US Conference of Catholic Bishops

The Latin American Bishops Council -Communication and Press Department- visits the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops
to work on common communication projects between Latin America and United States.

Click on the image below to see the pictures:
Susana Nuin Nunez, Fr Juan Molina

Schoenstatt Communicators

Catholic Media Conference - Denver, CO, 19 - 21 June 2013

Common communication projects of Latin American Bishops Council -CELAM- with US Conference of Catholic Bishops,
Catholic News Service, SIGNIS and other national and international institutions

Click on the image below to see the pictures:
Helen Osman, Tony Spence, Enrico Donzelli, Susana Nuin, Raul Islas

Schoenstatt Communicators

Talks between CELAM and USCCB about Communication

Dr. Susana Nuín Núñez, excecutive secretary of the Department of Communication and Press of the Latin American Bishpos Council, along with Father Raúl Islas Olvera, treasurer and Director of Publications for CELAM, met with directors of the different areas that represent a common interest between the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops and the Latin American Bishops Council. After participating in many meetings at the headquarters of the USCCB,  both departed to Denver to participate in the Catholic Media Conference, where intense encounters with national leaders continued for the purpose of promoting and enhancing the joint work of communications to the maximum between the Church of Latin America and  that of the United States.

The main meeting was with Helen Osman, secretary of Communications of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, Tony Spence, Director and Editor in Chief of Catholic News Service, and Enrico Donzelli, Director of Customer and Client Relations of USCCB. There were advanced conversations to implement joint publications of CELAM and USCCB in Spanish.

To read the whole article click on the picture  below

Susana Nuin Nunez in Washington

Schoenstatt Communicators

Lecture of Dr. Susana Nuín Núñez,
Executive Secretary of Latin American Bishops Council, CELAM,
 in Washington   17 June 2013

Click on the image below to see the pictures of the conference:
Susana Nuin Nunez CELAM Washington

Dr. Susana Nuín Núñez, Executive Secretary of the Department of Communication and Press of the Latin American Bishops Council, CELAM, and Councelor of the Pontifical Council for Social Communications was in Washington, DC for one day.

She offered a presentation on:
- APARECIDA, the Fifth General Conference of CELAM held at the national shrine of Brazil in 2007 and its Concluding Document, which is the gift that Pope Francis gives to the Latin American presidents when they visit him,
- the contribution of Hispanics to the United States,
- how we can reach the existential peripheries –Pope Francis- with the New Evangelization.
- What is the secret of Aparecida? Why should Aparecida interest us in the United States?

Approximately 40 % of the Catholics in the United States are Hispanics. In ten years, Hispanics will be the majority of the total Catholic population in the US. Right now Hispanics are the majority of the Catholics in New York, Florida, Colorado, Texas, Chicago, Los Angeles...
We believe that it is worthwhile to explore the identity of the Hispanics and how they may contribute to the New Evangelization in the United States, taking Jesus' Gospel, in communion with every American, to every person in the United States.

The conference was held in Spanish, and was translated for English-speaking attendants.

There was also a panel
that discussed with Dr. Nuín the same issues. It was comprised of:
- Fr. Mario Dorsonville, director of the Spanish Catholic Center and Vice President for Mission, Immigrant and Refugee Services, Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of Washington
- Fr. José Eugenio Hoyos, director of the Hispanic Apostolate and director of the Hispanic Charismatic Renewal in the Diocese of Arlington, VA
- Fr. Roberto Cortés, pastor at Our Lady Queen of the Americas, in Washington, DC, and director of the Hispanic Charismatic Renewal in Washington, DC

Schoenstatt Communicators

Schoenstatt Congress for Communicators Buenos Aires November 2012 
Representatives of United States at the First International Congress for Schoenstatt Communicators
Buenos Aires, 9-11 November 2012 - Father's Shrine, National Schoenstatt Shrine in Argentina



Schoenstatt Communicators

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